Perfect CRS score to obtain Canada PR Invitation

The Express entry system of immigration selects the applicants for Canadian permanent residency based on the points scored by them. This whole system is termed as Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS. Higher CRS score improves your chances of getting selected by the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for Canadian PR. Every fortnight, IRCC opens the draw for selection of applicants as well as announces the cut off marks or CRS score requirement. The candidates with top CRS score hold bright chances of getting selected for Canadian PR. Herein, applicants are often confused about the CRS score requirement from IRCC as it varies in each draw. This blog is intended to simplify this confusion. Read on:

CRS score requirement in 2018
Last year witnessed significant reduction in the CRS score requirement. In fact, the score went down to its lowest mark, i.e. 413 CRS points in May 2017. However, the scenario is quite different this year as there hasn’t been much reduction in the qualifying marks by IRCC. The CRS score requirement this year is ranging around 445 marks. In fact, last draw saw an unexpected rise in the qualifying marks as it surged to 456 points in the last Express entry draw launched on March 14, 2018. Keeping in view the present situation, you stand a strong chance of obtaining Canadian permanent residency if your CRS score is around 456 marks.
However, looking at the massive annual immigration target (310,000) of Canada for the year 2018; there are chances of a decrease in the qualifying marks in upcoming express entry draws this year. Though it could not be predicted if IRCC would reduce the qualifying marks to the level it did last year (413 CRS) but one thing is confirmed that it is bound to reduce significantly in the coming draws of federal Express Entry System.

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