Common challenges in obtaining UK Spouse visa

Pathway Visas ReviewThe UK Spouse visa is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to settle in the UK with their spouse who is a British citizen. This visa grants the permission to live and work in the UK on a permanent basis. While people are often in a hurry to get the UK spouse visa, certain factors may lead to delay in its processing. Below are the common challenges that one may come across while applying for the visa:
Funds: Sponsor’s inability to either meet the financial requirements or to provide the proof of financial documents may lead to refusal of the visa application.
Accommodation: Being unable to evidence the adequate accommodation required under the UK Immigration rule.
English Language: Inability to meet the English language requirement.
Genuine Relationship: The applicant and sponsor not able to provide evidence of being in a genuine relationship.
Fraud Representation: Applicant applying for the visa is involved in a fraud or false representation.
Immigration Background: Overstay of the applicant during their previous visit or other such act leading to adverse immigration history.
Visa Refusal: The applicant had earlier faced visa refusal.
Medical Reports: The applicant has a communicable disease.
Criminal Record: The applicant being accused in a criminal act can prove to be a hurdle in obtaining visa.
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