Ease your business trip with personalized plane travel kit

Business travel more often than not leaves you with a hectic schedule that may even require you to hurry for a meeting right after landing. This means you need to freshen up and get ready while still on plane. Herein, a personalized plane travel kit could prove to be very helpful in taking care of the freshening as well as other needs. Read on:

For Freshening Up

Pack a small pouch containing the essential items for touch up before heading for the meeting. Include things like facial wipes, lip balm, hand cream, face moisturizer, lip gloss, a small hairbrush and perfume. Also carry a mini toothbrush and paste.

For Comfort

Carry a sleep maskfor comfortable nap while on the plane. Block out the undesired sounds with headphones or ear plugs. Pack a big andcozy scarf that can be used both ways; as a blanket on the plane and accessory after landing.

For Entertainment

Carry along your favourite reading material which could be a magazine or a novel.And if you are fond of games or movies then a tablet, smartphone or laptop would be the best items to keep you entertained. Do carry a power bank to keep the electronic devices working for enhanced duration.

For Your Health

It’s important to stay hydrated during flights.So, bring an empty water bottle through security, and then refill it at a drinking fountain before you board the plane as the small cup of water you get on the plane doesn’t usually seem enough. Carry some healthy snacks like nuts, roasted chick peas, trail mix, or granola.

The final item for your plane travel kit is an easy to carry and organized pouch in which you can pack all your on-plane essentials. Pack the pouch, leaving space for the snacks which could be added right before your departure.

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